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Defence industry is our passion. It’s an avant-garde of technological development, gives a sense of security, protects democracy
and freedom. The most uncommon and fascinating inventions are created especially in arms industry. The major components
of defence industry are science, new technologies, aerospace, shipbuilding and automotive sectors. Arms industry
demonstrates the strength of the world’s largest economies. Hence, it is in our common interest
to develop and improve it in Poland.


We are lawyers specialized in defence industry.

By virtue of law military purchases made outside Poland often include activities aimed at maintenance of production, repair and overhaul capacity in domestic armed industry. The purpose of offset regulations is to ensure the achievement of this result.

Defence and security procurements is a separate section of Polish Public Procurement Law. Security of supply, principles of subcontracting and dissimilarity of procedures are particular aspects which differ these kind of procurements from regulations set out in above-mentioned body of law.

Defence, aerospace and security companies face complex tax challenges not only in offsetting their investments or in the area of completion of R&D projects but also in running their everyday business activities.

The most important tenders regarding the purchase of military equipment for Polish Armed Forces are based on internal regulations of Ministry of National Defence of Republic of Poland. Regulations concerning implementation of different kinds of armament and military equipment in Polish Armed Forces and maintaining industrial capacity also matter a lot for defence, aerospace and security industry.

Production of arms and military equipment requires acquisition and proper protection of industrial property rights as well as copyrights, trademarks and know-how.

Production and arms trade are subject to special regulations. Entrepreneurs operating in defence, aerospace and security industry are obliged to hold the license and fulfill additional obligations arising from the law. Among these obligations there is, for instant, maintaining production capacity.

Public International Law includes a vast range of intergovernmental security and defence agreements in the field of cooperation in defence and security procurements and industry. Agreements and contracts concluded between defence, aerospace and security companies, commonly from different countries, requires the expertise of selected aspects of Public International Law.

The majority of defence, aerospace and security enterprises are controlled by the State Treasury. Special regulations regarding state-owned companies have an impact on running business by these entities.


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We have courage and imagination to propose new business solutions. Our team guarantees experience and energy in searching for innovative ones. The team consists of:

SLS DEFENCE | Przemysł obrony


attorney at law, having 15-year of experience in arms industry

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specializes in Intellectual Property Law

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SLS DEFENCE | Przemysł obrony




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